Polonus at TVPolonia

The jury of Polonus has had her meeting at the office at Axell Employment. And as a proud main sponsor we gladly facilitate the jury to come to a decision for the most important election of the year: Pool van het jaar.

During this meeting, there was a reporter present who interviewed our Managing Director Tom van der Vorst. TVPolonia, a Polish TV channel for Polish people all over the world, has made an item about Polonus and the interview with Tom. He emphasizes the importance of the Polish community in the Netherlands for the Dutch economy. And that’s the reason why we became sponsor of this event. We want to show everyone that we can’t do without Eastern-European labour migrants and want to help them with creating a positive image.

You can watch the complete item below. Of course you can also vote for the election. Go to the website, choose your favorites and vote! Don’t forget to confirm your choices with the email you’ll receive afterwards.


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