ABU whitepaper – flexworkers are of great value for the dutch economy


According to the ABU, flexworkers are of great value for the Netherlands. They had 514.000 jobs in 2016, which is almost 1 out of 20 jobs in the Netherlands. Flexworkers deliver a huge contribution to the dutch production.

Did you know they contribute almost 11 bilion euro to our national income?! Flexworkers are highly needed in the Netherlands. Without them, dutch companies will have to adjust their production process , economic growth will stagnate and our labor force will shrink tremendously in the upcoming years. The Netherlands needs flexworkers!

And therefore Axell Employment is commited to make people see how important flexworkers are and provide them with good conditions and housing. But we can’t do this alone. We need the government, municipality and colleagues to make sure we can keep our flexworkers and keep the economy growing!

You can read the full whitepaper (in Dutch) here.
You can read the full research (in Dutch) here.

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