Are you ready for 2019?

The second week of the new year, time to really get started!
And we’re happy to help you with some tips to begin this year as positive as can be!

  1. Say goodbye to 2018
    A lot of things happen in one year. You can achieve great things, meet new people, get a new job or find the love of your live. But before starting the new year, say goodbye to unfinished business. What have you learned, what did you reach, what are you grateful for, what do you want to change? Take some time to reflect on 2018 and start 2019 with a clean sheet!
  2. Come up with a theme
    Making resolutions for the new year is easy, achieve them is more difficult. That’s why you should choose a theme. Let 2019 focus on this theme and let the theme inspire you to change your life.
  3. Clear your head
    Feel stressful? Don’t take this into 2019, but clear your mind and step into the new year with a great feeling. Write down the stressful things, problems, issues and to do list and try to relax more often.
  4. And the most difficult one: get into balans with healthy food. After the holidays, you most likely need some detox to clear your body and get rid of that extra weight. Give yourself and your body some time to recover from the holidays and the new year is the perfect occasion to do this.

The most important advice: enjoy the new year! Do the things you love, pay attention to the people you love and enjoy!

Polonus at TVPolonia

The jury of Polonus has had her meeting at the office at Axell Employment. And as a proud main sponsor we gladly facilitate the jury to come to a decision for the most important election of the year: Pool van het jaar.

During this meeting, there was a reporter present who interviewed our Managing Director Tom van der Vorst. TVPolonia, a Polish TV channel for Polish people all over the world, has made an item about Polonus and the interview with Tom. He emphasizes the importance of the Polish community in the Netherlands for the Dutch economy. And that’s the reason why we became sponsor of this event. We want to show everyone that we can’t do without Eastern-European labour migrants and want to help them with creating a positive image.

You can watch the complete item below. Of course you can also vote for the election. Go to the website, choose your favorites and vote! Don’t forget to confirm your choices with the email you’ll receive afterwards.


ABU whitepaper – flexworkers are of great value for the dutch economy


According to the ABU, flexworkers are of great value for the Netherlands. They had 514.000 jobs in 2016, which is almost 1 out of 20 jobs in the Netherlands. Flexworkers deliver a huge contribution to the dutch production.

Did you know they contribute almost 11 bilion euro to our national income?! Flexworkers are highly needed in the Netherlands. Without them, dutch companies will have to adjust their production process , economic growth will stagnate and our labor force will shrink tremendously in the upcoming years. The Netherlands needs flexworkers!

And therefore Axell Employment is commited to make people see how important flexworkers are and provide them with good conditions and housing. But we can’t do this alone. We need the government, municipality and colleagues to make sure we can keep our flexworkers and keep the economy growing!

You can read the full whitepaper (in Dutch) here.
You can read the full research (in Dutch) here.

Filmfestival ‘10e Poolse Filmlente’ in Euroscoop Tilburg

On Sunday the 15th of April and Sunday the 22nd of April, Euroscoop Tilburg will be showing a few beautiful Polish movies. Specially imported for the Polish community in Tilburg and surroundings.

Scena Polska/Pools Podium has chosen 4 artistic movies from young Polish moviemakers, based on modern drama. They created movies with current topics, which occupy a lot of young Polish people.

Euroscoop will show the following movies: Humani (IHUMANS) – comedy/science fiction, Porwać się na życie (Carried away) – comedy, Wasza wysokość (Your highness) – drama en Dolce Vita – comedy.

Because of the 100th anniversary of the Polish Independancy, every movie will be showing a short movie at the start, from the serie ‘Independent Poland – History in Moving Pictures’.

All movies are provided with English subtitles. The complete program can be found at Tickets are available via the website of Euroscoop:

Valentine’s Day all around Europe

Valentine’s Day, a tradition often seen as a very commercial holiday, existing for the purpose of selling cars, flowers, candy or jewellery. But if we take a look back in the history, you see that the origin of this day is completely different!

The history of Valentine’s Day–and the story of its patron saint–is shrouded in mystery. We do know that February has long been celebrated as a month of romance, and that St. Valentine’s Day, as we know it today, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. But who was Saint Valentine, and how did he become associated with this ancient rite?

There are multiple legends of Saint Valentine, and different reliquaries in the Czech Republic, Ireland, Scotland, England and France all claim to have bones attributed to a Saint Valentine.

While Catholics believe that Feb. 14 commemorates the martyrdom of Saint Valentine, who was a Roman priest beheaded in the third century, no one can agree on exactly what he did or why he was executed. Some legends say Valentine was a bishop in Terni, Italy, who healed the sick, including the blind daughter of a prison guard whom he met while in jail for practicing Christianity in a pagan world. Some say he was sentenced to death because he tried to convert Emperor Claudius to Christianity. Others say the sentence came because he was caught secretly performing weddings, defying a ban on marriage that had been imposed by the Emperor as a solution to a military recruitment crunch.

Celebrating in The Netherlands
When it comes to Valentine’s gifts, the traditional ways to show off your sentimental side are with chocolates and flowers.

Celebrating in Poland
Poles were quick to adopt Western-style celebrations of Valentine’s Day and nowadays it’s as popular in Poland as anywhere else.

Greeting cards and heart-themed gifts abound at gift shops, and hotels, resorts and restaurants offer special packages for romantic getaways.

Many Poles make a romantic pilgrimage of sorts to Chełmno, a small town about 30 miles northwest of Lódz along the Ner River, a tributary of the Warta River in today’s west-central Poland.

It is here that the relics of Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, have been preserved for several hundred years in the local parish church.

Celebrating in Hungary
Hungary is not shadowed much by the media promotions of American style Valentine’s day. Thus, the Valentine’s Day is not much commercialized there until this day. On Valentine’s Day lovers exchange gifts to express their love as it is in any other country, but mainly by the younger generation.

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day?!







Axell Employment in Tilburg has become business sponsor of Tilburg Trappers!

The Dutch office of Axell Employment in Tilburg has become a proud business sponsor of the local hockeyclub Tilburg Trappers.  As of this season 2017/2018, you can find the logo at the boarding along the ice. This typical club from Tilburg and Axell Employment are practically neighbors and it was a logical step to support their great performance.

Axell Employment also has separate entrance tickets for several games, which will be given away via Facebook. Make sure to keep an eye on our Facebookpage to have a chance on winning these tickets and seeing the Tilburg Trappers in real life!

How to survive Blue Monday?

5 tips to get through Blue Monday!

Blue Monday is the third Monday in January and although it’s not scientifically proven that today is the saddest day of the year, it does make sense. The holidays are over, the Christmas lights have been removed and you have to get back to reality. Then you realize you’ve spend too much money, gained some weight and the days are dark and cold. It takes ages before you have planned your next holiday and the New Year’s resolutions are really difficult. Everything together makes you sad and depressed. Conquer these feelings and defeat the Blue Monday Blues:

  1. Keep on working on those New Year’s Resolutions

Get yourself together, find someone who has the same resolutions and don’t give up. You can do this!

  1. Book your next holiday!

If you haven’t booked one yet, do it now! This can be a few days off or perhaps the next summer holiday. However, the perspective of going away makes you a lot happier!

  1. Smile the blues away!

Smiling has a positive effect on your mood, even on Blue Monday. It creates endorphines, so called ‘feelgood hormones’. So open Youtube or Facebook for a few minutes and watch cat-movies or tell your colleagues jokes to get through the day.

  1. Work-out!

By excercising and working at your body you defeat the stress hormones and make happy hormones. So start running, ride your bike or jump a rope. Do something active and get happy!

  1. Make delicious food

Make sure you have a good breakfast to give your day a jumpstart. Take a healthy lunch and prepare a delicious and healthy diner to reward yourself for surviving this day. Then you have something to look forward to in the morning.

Not everyone has problems with Blue Monday. But if you keep these tips in mind, it can make your day better. And perhaps you have to do this every day, to make every week a happy day. Have a nice day!

Axel from the inside – interview with an employee

No company would exist without its dedicated employees. In the series of new publications, we will introduce you to the characters of those who form the Axell Group family. In the first installment of our texts, “Axell from the inside”, meet the Head of the Axell Logistics Terminal in Skierniewice and Chorzów.

I will probably not be original when I say that what I appreciate most  in my everyday work is the people I work with. The people who surround me are open, enthusiastic, and eager to share their knowledge and experience. They treat every new project as an interesting challenge. Fulfilling your daily duties in the company of such people is a pleasure. Together, we are unstoppable. Creativity, flexibility and commitment allow us to tailor solutions to the needs and expectations of our customers and always achieve our goals.

It is nice to observe how the company is developing and, at the same time, be a part of it. In the past years, we have significantly increased our warehouse space and modernized our warehouses. With investments in hardware and operating systems, we can optimize costs and increase our competitive edge. We implement innovative solutions that allow the integration of the entire supply chain and IT systems to track the delivery process in order to quickly respond to emergency situations.

Funny story: We are a well-knit crew, which allows us to do harmless jokes in relation to one another. I remember perfectly when 10 years ago we were implementing the WMS system and beginning to use the scanners. The warehouse staff started using these devices few people really understood what they can be used for. One day we sent a message to a worker’s scanner: Get to work! The CEO. The timing was perfect as the colleague had just „taken five”. He then walked from one person to another and warned: With scanners, the CEO sees everything we do. It took a lot of time before we got rid of it because it resulted in improved performance, and lots of fun!

Marzena Wach – Head of the Axell Logistics Terminal in Skierniewice and Chorzów who has been with the company for 11 years. A passionate traveler who enjoys outdoor recreation. Yoga, cycling, and running are her favorite leisure activities.

Christmas celebrations in the Netherlands, Poland and Hungary.

In every single country we have different Christmas traditions but because Axell team is mostly Dutch, Polish and Hungarian we will look into this 3 national celebrations of Christmas.

If you have ever been in the Netherlands during the December you must know that 5th of December (eve of Santa coming) is the most prominent day of December.

It’s Sinterklaas Avond! Pepernoot, Black Peter, ring bells, sleigh – inseparable elements of this day. Do you want to know more? Read here.

Both in Hungary and Poland the most important day of December is Christmas Eve. Szent-este or Wigilia – names for special evening when whole families sitting down together around the table, full of traditional dishes. In Poland on table must be 12 lenten dishes (carp, poppy seeds cake, cabbage, borsch are just an example). In Hungary also traditional dishes are quite similar (fish soup with carp, poppy seeds cake called Beigli or decorated gingerbreads. After the Christmas Eve supper in Poland and Hungary many people goes to churches where Christmas carols resound around. Read more here and here.

What about your Christmas celebrations? What do you like most?

Onze nieuwe websites zijn live!

Met trots maken wij bekend dat onze 3 nieuwe websites vanaf 1 november 2017 live zijn gegaan!

De drie websites van Axell Group, Axell Logistics en Axell Employment zijn er allen op gericht om onze klanten een compleet beeld van onze activiteiten te geven. Uiteraard maken we het iedereen graag zo gemakkelijk mogelijk, en dus is het ook mogelijk om via de websites in te loggen op de klantportals, of rechtstreeks vacatures voor flexmedewerkers te zoeken.

Heb je op- of aanmerkingen? Graag, daar leren we namelijk van! Stuur dan een mailtje naar en we gaan er mee aan de slag.